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Value Added

In the nearly 50 years since Stephen Ross LLM ’66 earned his Master of Laws in Taxation at the Law School, he has built a truly...

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The People

A Head with Heart

Vanita Gupta ’01 was appointed acting head of the US Department of Justice Civil Rights Division just two months after the fatal police shooting of Michael...

All of The People

Arguments and Opinions

Redrawing the Outlines

Richard Pildes, Sudler Family Professor of Constitutional Law, has thought deeply about the constitutionally appropriate role of race in redistricting for more than 20 years. His...

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Proceedings and Relevant Parties

A High-Quality Discussion of Inequality

Intense curiosity imbued the fourth annual NYU/UCLA Tax Policy Symposium, held at NYU Law last October. Thomas Piketty, author of Capital in the Twenty-First Century, was...

All of Proceedings and Relevant Parties